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The proposed design for Diamniadio lake city is 

the focus on creating architecture that celebrates the history of the land by presenting a thoughtful design principal established a guideline with a futuristic inspiration for Diamniadio, that will reflect the client vision. our intent to approach the integration of all design disciplines. Given the site location, brief and goals of the client, well manifest a design that is resilient and spirited, yet still respect the human scale of lifestyle.

The development seeks to preserve 

Cultural and architectural heritage, while looking to the future with modern transportation, below-grade parking, and state-of-the-art building technology. It expresses a new architectural language rooted in the region’s history and married with bold modern approaches to the built environment.



Symbol of Senegal identity, committing thru the site of being a unique contemporary environment that delivers modernization as a transformative experience for all people, irrespective of their origins, age and circumstance.