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The house is basked in a hushed tones and smoothing color palettes invading the attractive yellow to give freshness and life to the interior , through the use of rich woods and concrete adding the traditional African baskets , masks, statue, and plates giving the house a warm, cozy and comfortable dimensions with attention to details making a unique and high end finishing.


Description AREA (Sq.m)
Living & Dining Room 53.43
Laundry Room 2.64
Entrance and Corridor 12.51
Service Room 15.17
Service Bathroom 3.09
Stairs 5.88
Kitchen 8.28
Stairs 5.88
Total Area 101


Description AREA (Sq.m)
Bedroom 1 13.02
Bathroom 1 5.27
Bedroom 2 18.50
Bathroom 2 5.22
Master Bedroom 3 26.39
Master Bathroom 3 8.09
Master Closet 4 5.94
Corridor 6.61
Stairs 8.86
Balconies (4) 19.97
Total Area 109.78


Number of Cars 2


Features modern lines and minimalistic yet unusual , the house is designed spontaneously modern fully glazed with wood partition artfully crafted with interior African accessories baskets, mask, statue and plates riching the interior with specific details and fuses a strong color palettes especially the terracottas color serving freshness ,and attraction spirit to the design.